Ever wondered if Sales Outsourcing truly Works?

Have you ever wondered if Sales Outsourcing (Direct Sales Agents Outsourcing) truly works and if it will truly make the desired impact on the bottom line of your business?

The truth is it does. However, there are five critical success factors our in-house Direct Sales Agent Consultant at Fort Knox Outsourcing has identified as core success determinant of the sales Outsourcing model.

there are five critical success factors our in-house Direct Sales Agent Consultant at Fort Knox Outsourcing has identified

1. The Brand

The first determinant of success in outsourcing a sales team (Direct Sales Agents) is the brand. It is an irrefutable law in sales that you must first sell the brand before the product. How strong is your brand? Does your corporate culture support the outsourcing model? Outsourcing your sales team would not make up for your poor brand image.

2. The System

What is the structure of your organisation? What is the turnaround time for service delivery; how good is your reward system? Is the commission and bonus payment transparent enough? What works, performance or politics? How is the outsourced sales team managed? Do you have a substantive sales manager and team leads whose KPIs are tied to the performance of the outsourced salespeople?

3. The Sales Manager

How competent are your sales managers? Oftentimes organisations make the mistake of deploying sales mangers simply based on their success as an individual salesperson without putting their relationship skill and other soft skills into consideration. Are they committed to the success of the organisation? What is their relationship with the outsourced sales team? At Fort Knox Outsourcing, we have created a training curriculum specifically focused at first time Sales Managers.

4. The Salespeople

How were the DSAs recruited? Were they rightly assessed? What motivates them? What is their impression about the reward system? Is there any form of ongoing support for them? Fort Knox Outsourcing has designed a simulation process that enables our businesses to hire candidates with the selling DNA.

5. The Customer

What market segment will the outsourced DSA serve? Ensure there is no form of mismatch. Is the market segment big enough to sustain the expected performance? What is the current reality within this market segment?

Kalu Okorie

Kalu is an enthusiastic, ambitious and highly resourceful individual, with a track record of leading organization/teams and achieving results in highly competitive environments. Having +10years of combined experience across Sales Strategy, Planning & Execution, Business Development, Sales Team Capacity Assessment and Capability Building, a NITAD certified Trainer and a People Leader.