Recruitment & Talent Management

If you hire well, the benefits are multiplied and seem nearly endless. If you hire poorly, the problems are multiplied and seem endless

The business environment is constantly changing. Organisations no longer boast of people as their key assets, but the RIGHT PEOPLE. Research has shown that probably the most important action for any organisation to achieve consistent and sustainable organisational excellence is to identify and select the right talent.

This is why leading organisations come to Fort Knox Outsourcing – to place the right people, in the right jobs, at the right time, to do the right things, at the right cost. Our rigorous processes and innovative approach ensures that we are able to provide top performing talents who meet and exceed our clients' expectations.

Fort Knox Outsourcing provides integrated and outcome-focused solutions across the entire talent acquisition lifecycle with services including executive search & selection, recruitment process outsourcing, talent mapping and external talent pool building, provision of tests and assessment tools, and assessment centre design and administration.

We currently provide talent search and assessment services to leading organizations within Nigeria and Africa across industries like Financial Institutions, Telecommunications, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals/Healthcare, Agro-Allied, Manufacturing/Technical and Oil & Gas.


To engage our service we shall expect a Service Level Agreement to be executed between you and Fort Knox Outsourcing. Such contract shall stipulate the mutually agreed terms and conditions under which the project shall be executed. Should you require further clarification click on the ask me how link