Many organizations are confronted with cumbersome in-house payroll administration

A lot are still uptight with the problem of administering error free payroll system with the associated services. At Fort Knox Outsourcing, we offer our clients efficient, cost-effective and secure payroll management system that gives them the latitude of paying their staff on schedule.

Our timely and accurate payment execution services ensure that correct holdings and deductions (salary, tax withholdings & paycheck deductions) are made and remitted. Pay slips are taken care of, and critical business processes are seamlessly managed freeing you from the challenges of complex payroll legislations. We always provide periodic reports of all transactions to keep you informed.


To engage our service we shall expect a Service Level Agreement to be executed between you and Fort Knox Outsourcing. Such contract shall stipulate the mutually agreed terms and conditions under which the project shall be executed. Should you require further clarification click on the ask me how link